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The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (DoTH) is one of the Chicago region's largest investors in bicycle infrastructure. To further refine the County's priorities, clearly define roles and responsibilities and to establish long-term goals for bicycle infrastructure in the County, DoTH launched its first-ever Bike Plan in 2021. The Cook County Bike Plan will prioritize the maintenance of existing infrastructure and adding facilities to the network that are attractive to a broad range of cyclists while focusing on three principles: 

  • Ensuring investments serve a greater number of County residents and are more equitable distributed,
  • Expanding the existing system of off-street trails and other low-stress routes into a coherent countywide network and
  • Enhancing facilities to support everyday biking. 

Follow along on this website for project updates and to share your input. Your experiences and opinions are critical to to help quantify which expansions of the low-stress network will benefit those who are already biking regularly and encourage currently underrepresented cyclists to make biking a regular activity!  

Please reach out to the project team at BikePlan@CookCountyil.gov if you would like any of the materials on this website, documents, or meetings translated. 

Provide Feedback


Interactive Map

Add your thoughts and routes to help us understand how current facilities are working

Add Pins to the Map


Take our survey to provide us with more information on which facilities you like and how COVID has impacted your riding


Community Ideas Wall

Collaborate with the community by sharing your ideas and challenges in our community forum

Project Timeline

Virtual Open House

Our first public kick-off and introduction to the Bike Plan - February 4 and 5, 2021

Survey #1

The first of three Seasonal Surveys that will be conducted during the project. Let us know how COVID has impacted how you plan to bike in 2021!

Interest Group Meetings

Working group meetings dedicated to specific bike-related topics, such as Environmental Sustainability, Racial Equity, Gender Equity, and Geographic Equity among others. Sign up for an Interest Group Meeting using the Contact Us icon at the bottom of the page.

Current Phase

Recommendation Drafting

After a year of outreach and engagement the project team is aggregating all of the information we have heard into the Bike Plan. During this time the team will develop a list of draft recommendations for implementation.

Help Spread the Word!

Become a Bike Plan ambassador and help Cook County spread the word about the plan. To make this easier for you, we have gathered graphics and sample text for your to start with. Check back regularly for updates and additional resources.

If you have a specific request, email the project team at BikePlan@CookCountyIL.gov

Social Media Resources
Download this .zip file with social media graphics and sample text to spread the word to your social networks about the project, website, survey and interactive map.
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